Photoshoot automation for eyewear productd Photoshoot automation for eyewear productd

Model Studio Service

Contextual eyewear product photographies

Model Studio is a contextual photo production, allowing you to put virtually any frame on the face of any model, in any position.
The ultra-realistic renderings are perfectly like any “real life” photoshoot, and we can adapt many different frames for the same lifestyle photos.

Designed to meet the needs of manufacturers, retailers, e-retailers and brands.

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Discover Fittingbox Model studio, the tool providing high-quality eyewear visuals in a blink of an eye!

Put virtually any frame on the face of any model, in any position!


Rendering Process


You take care of shooting your models without any frames on


You pick the frames and you can see pre-renderings thanks to our dedicated interface


You get all the renderings you need quickly and easily


  • Save shooting & post-production costs

  • Offer ultra-realistic contextual photos of your collections

  • Keep up with frequent collection renewals

  • Scale your photoshoots with a lot more models: showcase more diversity

  • Save time

  • Re-use your model photos as many times as necessary

Save time to get contextual photo products for glasses

Key Features

Easy Management

Access Model Studio back-office, a user-friendly and handy interface: manage your frames collections and your model photos.
Visualize pre-rendering pictures, select the ones you like and order them in a one click.

Digital Frames sunglasses

Check out our Frame Database to see what pair of glasses are already available in digital.



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