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Frame Removal: the new tool for eyewear wearers

Eyelasses wearers can now try on new frames clearly and accurately with
our glasses removal tool.

Frame Removal is a unique and powerful module of Fittingbox Virtual Try-On
that virtually removes the glasses worn on the user's face.
It replaces them with a 3D digitized frame in real time, allowing the customer
to view a new pair of eyeglasses without blurry vision.

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Discover Frame Removal, the glasses removal tool
backed by 16 international patents.


World Premiere revealed at CES 2022, Las Vegas, NV.


An effective process for a smooth virtual try-on experience

  • Step 1

    Detection of the user's real glasses


    frame removal 1


  • Step 2

    Virtual removing of the real glasses


    frame removal 2


  • Step 3

    Virtual glasses added for try-on


    frame removal 3


Eyeglasses Virtual Try On on mobile device

Virtually try on new frames without taking off the ones you are currently wearing

What they say about Frame Removal

Techradar talks about Frame Removal

Anyone who wears eyeglasses (roughly 600 million of us) instantly understands the problem Fittingbox is trying to solve: A visit to the store to try on new eyeglasses is inevitably a blurry experience, since to see yourself in a new pair means removing that which allows us to see in the first place.

Jeremy Kaplan Journalist at TechRadar
International Business Times talks about Frames Removal by Fittingbox

As consumers shopping for glasses have no choice but to look at themselves through an unprescribed lens, they are inevitably observing an unclear image of themselves, thus depending on the opinion of others before purchasing.
This allows customers to see how they look with certain frames without corrective lenses.

Joseph Gobran Journalist at International Business Times
Etcentric talks about Frame Removal by Fittingbox

Sometimes you see a product idea that is so obvious you wonder why no one created it sooner. Fittingbox lets you try on new frames for eyewear without taking off your old glasses, so you can actually see what you look like as you try them on.

Phil Lelyveld Journalist at Etcentric


  • Provide a powerful eyeglasses shopping experience

  • Empower your customers confidence when purchasing new glasses online
  • Offer a groundbreaking tool with a "Wow effect" and stand out from competition 

  • Boost your omnichannel strategy with a cross-device solution

  • Activate the module easily on demand
Frame removal man with phone

Key Features


Enhanced Experience

Frame Removal lets your customers choose their new frames confidently and effortlessly. This powerful glasses removal tool works on all faces, all backgrounds and latest-generation devices, including phones, tablets and laptops. 

Choosing new frames for glasses wearers has never been easier: no blurry vision and no need to rely on another person's biased opinion anymore!

Frame Removal on phone

World Premiere

Frame Removal is the result of 7 years of research and development and the reason why Fittingbox was originally created.

Backed by 16 international patents, this groundbreaking Dismished Reality tool provides a never-seen-before experience that will make you stand out from competition. 

Frame Removal on Ipad

Seamless Integration

Directly embedded into Fittingbox Virtual Try-On Advanced, Frame Removal is a module that works hand-in-hand with our leading and customizable virtual try-on of frames.

It means that there is no integration required to enjoy this world premiere. It's as easy as it sounds to remove glasses from your face!

Frame Removal on phone 2

A concentrate of innovation

Frame Removal is based on both Machine Learning and Deep Learning, two sub-fields of Artificial Intelligence.

This ground-breaking tool detects each pixel of the glasses worn by the users and then classifies them into 3 categories: background, lenses and frame.

This process allows real glasses to be virtually removed, letting the user try on glasses as if they were not wearing any physical frames.

Frame-Removal- phone vf

Watch Frame Removal & Diminished Reality in action

Frame Removal is part of a large range of modules that go hand in hand with Virtual Try-On Advanced.


Pick the modules you need and customize your own virtual try-on experience



Access to 140k+ digital frames representing 1.200+ brands available
for virtual try-on.


Lens Simulator

Virtual try-on of different tints, coatings and photochromic lenses.



Social Media Filters

Virtual try-on of your latest collections on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Tiktok. (specific filter for each platform)


PD Measurement

Reliable Pupillary Distance Measurement solution for ecommerce


Learn more about Frame Removal

Frame Removal - Diminished Reality

Frame Removal - An innovative solution in Diminished Reality

Fittingbox Introduces Diminished Reality Technology That Is Both Immersive and Interactive, Available on Any Mobile Device.

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 revolutionary virtual fitting solution with Frame Removal

Revolutionary 3D Solutions dedicated for Eyewear industry

With this product, Fittingbox established even more itself as a deep tech company, working with technologies like machine learning, computer vision, deep learning, and artificial intelligence.

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Glasses virtual try-on with Frame Removal at CES 2022

The Diminished Reality Solution for Glasses at CES 2022

Fittingbox made its inaugural debut to present its world premiere: Frame Removal, a diminished reality solution for glasses wearers.

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