Ultra realistic glasses renderings

Our 3D renderings are so close to reality that you might feel the frames on your face!


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True-to-life renderings of frames and lenses


Accurate frame positioning   


Cutting-edge rendering engine

True-to-life 3D Renderings

Our innovative technology enables a realistic rendering of complex materials including gradient effects of lenses, coatings, iridescence, and other effects that provide an incredibly lifelike representation.

Based on advanced rendering techniques, we're able to create a truly lifelike representation of complex frames such as crystal glasses, which gives users the opportunity to appreciate every intricate detail and the translucent material of these popular glasses.

Accurate positioning of frames

Besides realistic assets, a proper positioning and size of the frames is essential. Our technology creates a precise morphological reconstruction of the user’s face, allowing for an accurate positioning of the frame. In addition to an automatic facial tracking, Fittingbox virtual try-on includes a size guarantee feature that ensures the precise fit of frames on the user's face.


A cutting-edge rendering engine

The essential component needed to create a realistic virtual experience is the engine. At Fittingbox, we regularly invest in a cutting-edge engine, continusouly upgraded thanks to a software developed inhouse by our team of R&D experts. Coupled with realistic 3D assets, our first-class rendering engine allows lifelike virtual try-on of glasses.

A lifelike eyewear virtual try-on in a single click


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