Promote your eyewear catalog with glasses virtual try-on Promote your eyewear catalog with glasses virtual try-on

Fittingbox Virtual Try-On

Standard for Advertising

Allow your contacts to virtualy try on your frames
by text message, email or on social media!

Our Virtual Try-On Standard for Advertising is an ad campaign
enabling prospects to virtually try on a selection of frames
to get them visiting your store or your website.

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  • Reach potential clients anywhere and anytime

  • Increase your contact database retention

  • Foster online/offline traffic

  • Improve customer engagement

  • Boost your digital strategy and online presence

  • Improve your customer experience & conversion rate: virtual try-on allows users to find the best fit

Reach your customers anywhere thanks glasses try-on on mobile

Key Features



You are the one in charge of the campaign design and message. You decide how many and what glasses to include in your virtual catalog as well as the look and feel of the landing page.

Customize your eyewear catalog to virtually try on

Drive to Store & Drive to Web

You adapt your campaign and send your ad through several canals (including text, email or social media).
You are in control of the customer experience as you can choose to display:

  • The "Drive to Store" feature where prospects can get the route to your shop after trying on your frame selection.
  • The "Drive to Web" feature by linking your campaign to your website and drive more traffic.
A drive-to-store solution that drives engagement

Virtual Try-on Advanced for Advertising


Go the extra mile and take the personalization of your promotional campaign to the next level.


Make your clients dive into your brand universe by customizing your advertising campaign entirely and tell your own story through several canals:
Website banners / Email / SMS / Social media / QR code.

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Fittingbox Virtual Try-On Practical Documentation

Customer Documentation


We've got your back! Play with MyFittingbox, your management interface.

Browse our customer guides to know MyFittingbox better and manage your own catalog and virtual try-on experience.

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Database Documentation


Fittingbox Database is the largest database of digital frames in the world!

You can now offer your patients the opportunity to try on a near-endless collection of frames that you don't have to stock instore.

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