Eyewear virtual try-on for website on tablet Eyewear virtual try-on for website on tablet

Ready-to-use virtual try-on software

Fittingbox Standard For Website

Let your patients experience virtual try-on to find the perfect frame for them!

Fittingbox Virtual Try-On Standard allows your clients to browse your catalog and
try on thousands of frames instantly
, as if they were standing in front of a real mirror, while visiting your website.

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Discover Standard for Website, your turnkey virtual try-on solution.


  • Present your online frame catalog

  • Easy management interface: manage your frame selection, add your own description and set your prices

  • Offer frame catalog variations on demand and simulate different lens sets and coatings

  • Generate "Web to Store" traffic from Mobile or PC

  • Offer an omnichannel experience to your patients

  • Improve your customer experience & conversion rate: patients can find the best fit across all the catalog and reduce doubts

Fittingbox standard to virtually try-on frames catalog

Key Features


Instant Face Detection

Fittingbox Virtual Try-On detects face features instantly, adapts them to movements automatically and fits the frames on the face under 400 milliseconds.

Try on glasses anywhere with Fittingbox

Omnichannel Capabilities


One single platform for a multi-device experience. Fittingbox Virtual Try-On is compatible with most used systems and devices, including:

  • Phone, Laptop/PC & tablet

  • Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Safari & Android and iOS
Browse glasses catalog and try online from home


Ultra-realistic Rendering Engine

Our real-time rendering engine brings realism to new heights with accurate tracking and attention to frame details. It can handle complex materials and lighting effects to provide ultra-realistic frame and lens renderings.

Try on sunglasses and buy at home

Catalog Features

  • Filters: gender/type/brands

  • Shareable wishlist: QR code, Email, Social Media

  • Live Try-on

  • Frame pics with various angles

  • Price display

  • Search bar per model

  • Photo try-on

Allow users to browse and experience your eyewear catalog online

Standard for Website

Browse our glasses catalog and experience our virtual try-on in one click.

Virtually Try On

Do you need this solution for an E-commerce website?

You can either opt for a fully customized virtual try-on experience, allowing you to build your own purchasing journey.
Or, you can also opt for our new app, available for S
hopify Stores.

Fittingbox Virtual Try-On Practical Documentation

Customer Documentation


We've got your back! Play with MyFittingbox, your management interface.

Browse our customer guides to know MyFittingbox better and manage your own catalog and virtual try-on experience.

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Database Documentation


Fittingbox Database is the largest database of digital frames in the world!

You can now offer your patients the opportunity to try on a near-endless collection of frames that you don't have to stock instore.

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