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Instagram Filters for Glasses

The complete guide for eyewear brands

From the creation of an Instagram filter for glasses to how to efficiently
promote it, we give you the keys to better engage with your customers
on this social media platform.

Create an Instagram filter

What's an Instagram Filter?

You’ve probably heard about social media platforms and one of the most widely used ones: Instagram. Initially based on a photo sharing principle, the social media released several new features throughout the years: stories, highlights, reels and effects among others.

Instagram effects, commonly called “filters”, are based on Augmented Reality (AR). They consist of adding a virtual element to the camera stream: it can go from an animated background to a hair color change... or anything else, everything is possible!

Not perceived as advertising per say, but rather as an interactive playground, Instagram filters can be easily shared and promoted to create buzz and be part of a social media campaign.

Get all the answers you need to understand what an Instagram filter is

and how you can use it as a real marketing tool thanks to useful insights including:


⚬  What benefits to expect from Instagram filters?
⚬  How to create your own Instagram filter?
⚬  How long does it take to get it and what’s its price?
⚬  How to manage and promote it?

Target The Right Audience

The first rule to having an effective marketing strategy is to know your audience so that you craft a message that is relatable to it. The main objective being to lead to more interactions and more momentum around your product. It especially comes in handy for the launch of a new eyewear collection or if you want to highlight a particular pair of glasses.

According to data published by Hootsuite, the majority of Instagram’s 2022 audience are Millennial or Gen Z users, with 30.1% aged between 18 and 24 years old and 31.5% aged between 25 and 34 years old.

Millenials using an eyewear filter on Instagram

Instagram Filters Key Numbers

social media

Instagram Users


+1 Billion

Active at least once a month

Time spent on AR content

Compared to traditional content

Conversion Rate


Brand engagement thanks to 3D product visualization

Interaction Rate


Interactions with Augmented Reality content on Instagram

What are the Benefits of Instagram Filters?

Effects are perfect to showcase a product such as eyewear. They provide an immersive “try-before-you-buy” experience to engage with your community. It will allow you to target a large number of users from different generations.

Instagram filters are also great to make your business/brand known. Increase your brand awareness and stand out from competition while furthering your chances to create buzz.

Instagram filters can lead to a sales boost if they’re paired with an effective marketing strategy. Introducing a product in a filter can increase purchase conversion by 30% to 90% and can also be used to drive traffic to your website/store.

Get insights on your Instagram filter

Major eyewear brands have already created their own filter to promote their latest collections.

For example, Fendi with their ‘Fall’ filter, Gucci with their “Eyewear collection”,
and even Louis Vuitton with an ‘LV MEN FW21’ showcasing 7 models of their 2021 men collection.

Fittingbox, leader in eyewear digitization and 3D frames

With the world’s largest database of virtual frames, accounting for 140k digital glasses,
Fittingbox is your partner when it comes to create your own eyewear filter in Augmented Reality (AR).

Choose up to 4 frames you want to display, and we accompany you every step of the way to give life to the filter for you and your collections.



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Examples of Instagram filters created by Fittingbox for eyewear brands

Linda Farrow

Virtual try-on


Jimmy Fairly

Share the love campaign


Tom Davies

BUGS for Matrix: Resurrection



Sommer Trend 2022


Interested in getting your own Instagram filter?


How to manage and promote it?

Once published, you can manage your filter on Instagram’s back-office, called MetaSpark. Get insights on your filters including:
number of impressions, shares and users demographics, which is very useful to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

The next step is to promote your filter, it's often overlooked but is crucial if you want your filter to work. You’ve chosen Instagram to create your filter but know that is also where you should promote it the most, and there are several ways to do so.

Effects can be found :

  • In the effect gallery — available from your camera stream via a “browse effects” button
  • Through your Instagram profile: click on the 3-sparkle icon to access it.
  • In your stories or reels: publish a story/reel of a person using your filter to make it known to all your followers and more.
  • Through a link to an effect: you can directly share your filter through a link or QR code you can publish on other social media platforms or even your website.

You can also get in touch with influencers with a large community so that they can share your filters and expose it to their own followers.

Instagram filters have become a must-have for eyewear brands

Immersive, innovative and highly engaging, AR effects are the new normal of advertising when it comes to
showcasing your new collections in a unique way.
Already widely used by major eyewear brands, they are also accessible to businesses with tight marketing budgets as
they are 100% customizable to meet your needs.
Whether it is to further engage with your community, increase your brand awareness or boost your sales,
Instagram filters are the way to go.

Of course, besides Instagram, you can create custom AR filters for Snapchat and filters for TikTok.


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