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Glasses Virtual try-on software for mobile

Fittingbox Virtual Try-On

Advanced For Website

Transform your e-commerce website into a virtual mirror when your customers
can see your glasses straight on their face!

Our virtual try-on tool is fully customizable for a deep dive into your brand universe.
Our tailor-made solution ensures a real size fitting of the glasses, and offers outstanding realism from any kind of device and in real time.

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Discover Advanced for Website, the glasses virtual try-on tool

Online virtual try-on software for glasses

Experience Augmented Reality

Check out our virtual try-on solution
with the Size Guarantee 


Fully supported by all major E-Commerce Platforms

Gunnar launches a feature to virtually try-on glasses

It is the next best thing to physically trying-on a pair of glasses. I would absolutely recommend Fittingbox because it has positively impacted our business.

RJ Snyder tells his thoughts about glasses virtual try-on
RJ Snyder Marketing Director at Gunnar Optiks
Eyerim integrates a virtual mirror to try glasses online

Since we increased the number of models offering virtual try-on functionality
the uplift of conversion rate is stable around 90%.

Branislav Ramsak shares his feelings about Fittingbox Virtual Try-On for glasses
Branislav Ramsak Eyerim Co-Founder
Glasses Virtual Try-On experience with Transitions

Fittingbox’s AR solution allows wearers to really engage with different products, styles, colors, and options in a way that would be much more difficult in real life.

Liam Murphy gives his feedback on virtual try-on by Fittingbox
Liam Murphy Digital Marketing Manager at Transitions


  • Boost your digital strategy

  • Boost your differentiation

  • Increase your engagement rate

  • Improve your brand image & customer experience

  • Increase your profitability

  • Offer an omnichannel & immersive experience to your customers

Virtual try-on on mobile

Key Features

Instant Face Detection

Fittingbox Virtual Try-On detects face features instantly, adapts them to movements automatically and fits the frames on the face under 400 milliseconds.
Thanks to its Frame Removal add-on, our virtual try-on solution automatically detects if you're wearing glasses and digitally erases them to allow a smooth and effortless virtual try-on for glasses wearers.

Size Guarantee

The Size Guarantee feature allows customers to try glasses on with assurance that the size of the frame is accurate on their face.
You can choose to base the Size Guarantee on 3 options:

  • General Pupillary Distance average statistics (default option).
  • Gender based Pupillary Distance average statistics.
  • Pupillary Distance to enter
Glasses that fit your face shape

Ultra-realistic Rendering Engine

Our real-time rendering engine brings realism to new heights with accurate tracking and attention to frame details.
It can handle complex materials and lighting effects to provide ultra-realistic frame and lens renderings.

Virtual try-on for website - desktop advanced

Check out Frame Removal: the add-on of Fittingbox Virtual Try-On Advanced


Frame Removal is a revolutionary tool allowing glasses wearers to choose and try their new frames effortlessly,
without having to take off their corrective lenses!

This add-on virtually removes the glasses worn on the user's face by replacing them with a 3D digitized frame, 
in real time, allowing the experience to be smooth and user-friendly.

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As a core technology, Advanced can be embedded in different ways on your website and offers infinite possibilities of customization

Eyerim implements glasses virtual try-on


Frame carousel

Farfetch eyewear try-on


Smart VTO

Virtual Try-On Transitions Lenses


Lens color selector

Fittingbox Virtual Try-On Practical Documentation

Technical Documentation

Devs, we've got your back!

Browse all our technical guides to build your own tailor-made Virtual Try-On experience.

Integration Guide

Customer Documentation

Fittingbox Database
is the largest database of digital frames in the world!

You can now offer your customers the opportunity to try on a near-endless collection of frames that you don't have to get in stock.

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