Frame Digitization for virtual try-on experience

3D Studio - Frame Digitization

Our 3D Studio digitizes glasses to create high resolution and accurate 3D frame models designed for virtual experiences.
We can produce up to 4,000 frames per month from number-limited collections to industrial needs.

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Discover Fittingbox 3D Studio, the service that accurately digitizes your collections in 3D.


  • Quality Assured 

Studio 3D digitizes frames at the accurate size and provides ultra-realistic renderings.

  • Cost effective

We provide a pre-defined pricing that makes budgeting easy resulting in cheaper shooting processes compared to traditional ones.

Key Features


A Scalable Production

With the highest capacity on digitization volume of frames, 3D Studio easily adapts to your business
We can produce up to 4,000 frames per month ranging from industrial needs to specific shootings.
130.000+ frames are already available in our Database.

Digitize glasses in 3D for virtual try-on

A Customizable Service

Studio 3D adapts to your business to meet all your needs. Our 3D assets are compatible with:

Digital frame with ultra-realistic rendering for virtual try-on

3D Studiobox: Our patented technology

3D StudioBox is a frame digitizing box created by Fittingbox and based on our 15-year experience of shooting eyewear.
3D StudioBox scans frames and replicates them in 3D to make them compatible for virtual experiences.

Fittingbox digitze frames around the world with its StudioBox service

Discover how Fittingbox turns a physical frame into a digital one

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Digitize your physical frames in 3D
and make them available for virtual try-on.


They create with us


Fittingbox Tools To Manage 3D Assets

Catalog Management for Virtual Try-On

We've got your back! Play with MyFittingbox, your management interface.

Browse our customer guide to know MyFittingbox better and manage your own catalog and virtual try-on experience.

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Database of Digital Frames

Fittingbox Database is the largest database of digital frames in the world!

You can now offer your patients the opportunity to try on a near-endless collection of frames that you don't have to stock instore.

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