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Fittingbox Database is the world’s largest photos and 3D frames database, accounting for more than 100k digital frames and more than 420 brands available.

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Discover Fittingbox Database, your library of digital frames.


Key Numbers

+ 100.000



+ 420



+ 4.000

New Frames per month

Key Features

One Database, Multiple Uses


Our database adapts to your business to meet all your needs as our 3D assets are compatible with:


Easy Management


With MyFittingbox dashboard, we provide an intuitive backoffice interface to assist you in managing your digital frames collection efficiently.


Fittingbox Database Practical Documentation


Database Standard

Customer Documentation

We've got your back! Play with MyFittingbox, your management interface.
Browse our customer guides to know MyFittingbox better and manage your own catalog and virtual try-on experience.

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Database Advanced

Developers Documentation

Thanks to our webservice, call automatically all the frames you need in one click, check their availability and make them instantly ready for try-on on your website.

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